3 Important Things Property Owners Should Know About Sealcoating

3 Important Things Property Owners Should Know About Sealcoating

As a property owner, you should remember that your responsibility doesn’t end after the installation of your asphalt surface. The harsh weather conditions, regular wear and tear, and excessive vehicle load are all factors that can ruin your pavement investment resulting in premature deterioration and hefty repair costs.

So, like all investments, your asphalt pavement also needs its fair share of attention. Regular maintenance measures like sealcoating ensure that your pavement keeps its natural shine and withstands the external challenges. However, you need to ensure that all foot and vehicular traffic stays away from freshly sealcoated pavement for at least 24 hours.

Experts suggest sealcoating a freshly installed pavement after at least six to twelve months. Furthermore, you need to sealcoat old and worn-out pavement every two to three years. The time between May and October is the best time to sealcoat a pavement, thanks to the ideal weather conditions.

Sealcoating brings a lot benefits than the traditional benefits your contractor tells you, or what you read on the internet. To get the most out of a sealcoating job, you should hire experienced, professional contractors like CAM Service and Repairs LLC, providing services in Tampa and other parts of Florida.

In this blog post, we’ll tell you three crucial sealcoating facts that prove its role in the asphalt cause.

1. Oil and Gas Resistance

Oil stains and other forms of liquid spills weaken asphalt surfaces from the inside. While they may appear inconsequential on the outside, they can seep under a cracked surface and damage the pavement over time. Sealcoating prevents such problems by adding a protective layer on the asphalt. This ensures maximum protection and prevents the oil stains from seeping below.

Additionally, the protective layer improves the surface’s traction significantly compared to a non-sealcoated pavement; this helps prevent falls and minor accidents on the pavement.

2. Prevents Oxidation

Asphalt pavement is made of aggregate, including asphalt binder and rock. These materials are prone to oxidation, which results in the deterioration of the pavement. You should sealcoat your pavement at regular intervals to prevent the UV rays from damaging the aggregate and affecting the pavement’s durability.

Remember, your asphalt pavement’s longevity depends on the integrity of the aggregate, and if you don’t sealcoat the pavement, you may have a premature failure at your hands.

3. Surface Service Life Extension

Surface life extension is a major reason why many pavement experts and contractors consider sealcoating the ultimate solution to many problems. You can keep the pavement sturdy and fresh-looking by sealcoating it every two to three years. Following the sealcoating guidelines will help you extend your pavement’s lifespan and safeguard your investment in the long run.

Both residential and commercial property owners can enjoy the perks of sealcoating their driveway or parking lot in Tampa, FL. With CAM Service and Repairs LLC in town, you can enjoy quality asphalt repair and sealcoating services at affordable rates.

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