3 Types Of Soil Stabilization Methods For Pavement Installation

3 Types Of Soil Stabilization Methods For Pavement Installation

We often think of soil stabilization as something done for general construction, but it also has a significant role in pavement installation. Soil stabilization uses different materials or methods to reduce or eliminate soil movement and crumbling.

This blog post by the soil stabilization experts at CAM Service & Repairs LLC in Orlando, FL, explores three soil stabilization methods that work well for pavement installation.

1) Mechanical Stabilization

This process involves adding and removing different soils to change the soil’s physical and chemical makeup. Contractors achieve this through compaction or tamping with machinery. The main goal of mechanical stabilization is to improve the soil’s properties to support heavy loads without causing too much settlement.

Mechanical stabilization is often used with other methods, such as asphalt overlay or concrete paving. It’s a popular choice for airports, highways, and other large-scale projects with a lot of traffic and heavy loads to support.

2) Polymer Stabilization

Polymer stabilization is a process that uses polymers to improve the soil’s engineering properties. Polymers are long-chain molecules that can bind soils together and increase their strength.

Polymer stabilization is often used for embankments, road shoulders, and other areas with low traffic volume. It’s also a popular choice for projects in environmentally sensitive areas since it doesn’t use harsh chemicals or produce any pollutants.

When compared to mechanical stabilization, polymer stabilization is a relatively new technology. However, it’s quickly gaining popularity due to its environmental benefits and cost-effectiveness.

3) Chemical Stabilization

This process involves adding chemicals to the soil to improve its stability. The most common chemical used is lime, which helps bind soil particles together. Other chemicals include cement, magnesium, and lime.

Despite the wide range of benefits that soil stabilization methods provide, they’re often overlooked during pavement installation. This is why it’s important to discuss these techniques with your paving provider before you start any project.

Why You Need Soil Stabilization for Pavement Installation

Pavement installation is a complex process that requires a great deal of precision and expertise. It can provide years of service with regular maintenance when done correctly. However, if the soil underneath the pavement isn’t appropriately stabilized, it can lead to premature failure and costly repairs down the road.

That’s why it’s essential to choose a paving provider who understands the importance of soil stabilization and knows how to apply these techniques effectively. You can be sure that your pavement will last for many years by doing so.

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