3 Ways Property Managers Can Utilize Their Empty Parking Lots During COVID-19

3 Ways Property Managers Can Utilize Their Empty Parking Lots During COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the US, almost all schools, restaurants, shopping malls, and other entertainment facilities remain closed. And since then, the parking lots of these spaces are empty as not many people are going outside due to the current circumstances at play.

In this situation, can these vacant parking spaces act as an alternative for providing services, entertainment events, and religious gatherings? Let’s see!

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In today’s blog, we will discover three best ways property managers can reuse their empty parking lot paving during the COVID-19.

1. COVID-Safe Farmer’s Market

Even if people aren’t going out for entertainment activities, they are still buying necessary food items from the local market. And since the markets are not spacious, there are greater chances of the virus being transmitted.

Therefore, to prevent the virus from spreading, parking owners can set up a COVID-safe market in their vacant parking spaces. They can set up separate stalls for vendors and provide coronavirus safety gear to all those entering the market.

Moreover, they can limit the number of customers and the vendors allowed in the area to ensure all the coronavirus precautionary rules are followed.

2. Kid’s Play zone

Just because schools are closed, parents cannot compromise their child’s physical fitness during the COVID times.

In this situation, if parking lot owners redesign their spaces into a kid’s play zone, it will be a great step towards kid’s distance learning. They will remain physically fit and learn how to carry out their everyday tasks while maintaining the distance required.

However, a few schools have already started transforming their parking areas as student play areas. They have set some ground rules and painted socially distant games on the asphalt surfaces for the kids, including hopscotch, TIC-TAC-TOE, Follow-Me track, and many more.

3. Homes For The Homeless

With the increase in corona-positive patients across the nation, living on streets and hotels/motels is no more safe for the public. They require a separate space where there is minimal human interaction to protect themselves to the maximum.

In these difficult times, if the parking lot owners set tents and camps for the unhoused, it would be of great help. Moreover, the visitor limit and proper sanitization of the space is essential to control the spread of the virus.

All in all, these were a few examples of how property managers can reuse their empty parking spaces during the pandemic. In case you need more information related to asphalt paving, don’t forget to contact CAM Services.

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