3 Ways To Keep Your Asphalt Pavement Looking New

3 Ways To Keep Your Asphalt Pavement Looking New

Most property owners make the right decision to hire a professional and experienced asphalt paving contractor to carry out their paving project. However, proper pavement installation is not the only factor that determines the durability and longevity of your asphalt pavement.

You must follow a regular maintenance regimen and perform repairs to retain the look and condition of your asphalt pavement for years. It is up to you to decide whether you want to perform the maintenance and repair on your own or seek the assistance of a premium asphalt contractor to do the job.

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In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss the top three practices that will help keep your asphalt pavement looking new and allow you to enjoy a smooth, bump-free drive.

1. Regular Asphalt Cleaning

Who doesn’t like a clean and clear pavement with no debris, dirt, or leaves lying around?

If you like to keep your surroundings clean and want to ensure your asphalt pavement doesn’t degrade prematurely, don’t forget to sweep the surface from contaminants regularly. These harmful elements, if overlooked, seep under the asphalt pavement and cause structural damages when the temperature changes.

2. Drainage System Repair

Water accumulation on an asphalt surface is one of the primary reasons for asphalt deterioration. It not only compromises the strength of the asphalt binder but also causes cracks and holes on the surface.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure efficient water flow to the drains in order to prevent water flooding or water pooling. Remember to clean the gutters both from the inside and outside. The experts at CAM Service & Repairs LLC offer professional catch basin repair and drainage services to make sure your drains function well at all times.

3. Asphalt Sealcoating

Before starting the sealcoating process, assess the pavement for cracks, potholes, and other asphalt damages. You can either call professionals for asphalt repair, or crack sealing, or use DIY solutions to repair the damages.

You can begin sealcoating the asphalt using a premium sealant, and by following the best practices, after all damages are repaired. For professional sealcoating services in Orlando, FL, our experts are always at your assistance.

At CAM Service & Repairs LLCwe understand all your pavement woes and do our best to preserve the original condition of your pavement. Our team follows the industry standards and uses high-quality tools to deliver first-rate paving results. Connect with us to get a free quote today!