5 Reasons Why Asphalt Is The Preferred Paving Material For Constructing Parking Lots

5 Reasons Why Asphalt Is The Preferred Paving Material For Constructing Parking Lots

Are you planning to get a parking lot constructed in Orlando? Have you worked out what material you’ll use? How many spaces your parking lot will have?

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Considering you have already done your homework, you must know that asphalt is the preferred paving material for constructing parking lots.

If you weren’t sure about your choice of material or were unaware of the above fact, let us elaborate on why this is so.

Quick Paving

Asphalt paving doesn’t take up much time, so your parking lot can be open for the public soon after it is constructed. The same goes for repaving the lot.

The whole paving process takes a day or two after the area is cleaned and prepared. The asphalt is layered on the ground, rolled, and cooled. As soon as the asphalt surface cools, the parking lot can be painted with yellow lines to signify parking spots and accessibility spaces. And once the paint dries, the parking lot can be opened for use.


Generally, asphalt surfaces have a life of two to three decades. However, with proper maintenance like sweeping, seal coating, and pothole and crack repair, your asphalt parking lot can last much longer.

On top of that, unlike other paving materials, asphalt can withstand a lot. It is used around the world to withstand flooding, erosion, and is used by heavy-duty vehicles.


The best part about using asphalt as a paving material is that it is recyclable. You don’t have to worry about spending on material again when you get your parking lot repaved. You will only have to beat the cost of installation.

All or most of the asphalt can be reused, unlike other materials. For example, with concrete, you have to pay for the old material’s disposal and spend on getting new material.


Asphalt is a material that provides a smooth surface, offering much better contact with the tires of a vehicle and providing them a better grip on the surface.

Also, asphalt, especially open-graded asphalt, allows easy drainage. Water slides off the side of the asphalt surface, reducing the splashing and puddle buildup and skid resistance during rain.

Thus, there is less ice on the asphalt surface during winters, which reduces the risk of skidding, accidents, or people slipping.

On top of all this, the first thing any customer or person would see is the parking lot. So do you want their first impression to be based on ugly, cheap-looking concrete or a crisp black shiny finish? Asphalt is aesthetically more pleasing and increases the property value by 5%.

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