Can You Get Away With Patching Alligator Cracks To Prolong Your Parking Lot’s Lifespan?

Can You Get Away With Patching Alligator Cracks To Prolong Your Parking Lot’s Lifespan?

Almost everyone has a parking a lot and parking lots face many threats. Threats ranging from rain to UV rays and many other factors contribute to damaging your parking lots.

To protect your parking lots from having a short lifespan, the service of experts helps a lot. CAM Services have their share with bringing 50 years of experience with having completed over 300 projects in Florida and provide their services in Kissimmee, Florida.

The best way to increase the life span of parking lots is to protect them from water damage, the sun, and to fill in cracks to stop further damage. For such kind of repair and maintenance work, it is advisable to contact any professional firm having expertise in this sector. Click here to get a free estimate.

Go through the information below to know more about the factors which will help you if you want to increase the lifespan of your parking lots.

Seal Coating:

Sealcoating can double the structure’s life and is affective against almost everything, including sun, oil stains, rain, and moisture.

Sealcoating has a tough and highly protective coating that protects building structures for almost three decades. When the structure begins to fade into a greyish shade, this is known as surface oxidation. It is a sign of your parking lot is aging and becoming more prone to showcasing cracks in the near future.

Sealcoat should be applied in the span of 3 months to 2 years, and in a temperature of almost 50 degrees or more for ideal sealcoating. Factors such as weather, location, etc. should be considered before the sealcoating project.

Water Damage:

Water damage affects the structure a lot, so stopping water from penetrating the structure is vital. Water can freeze and melt during hot days and cold nights, causing permanent damage to the structure. It is crucial to have a good drainage system to allow water to navigate towards the catch basin to prevent water stagnation easily, and hence, surface damage. 

Replacing the Asphalt:

If the asphalt is working in a way that it’s pooling water and creating potholes on its surface, it’s time to replace it. Asphalt also requires replacement if the paved surface still functions poorly even after getting the cracks filled and surface seal coated.

Asphalt should also be replaced in case of security concern as it might fall on the vehicle causing massive damage. Life expectancy depends upon the weather, maintenance, etc. The parking garages can last up to 30 years if properly maintained and taken care of.

So if it’s time for repairs to your garage like crack filling, seal coating, or replacing asphalt, contact CAM services to get the best services in Kissimmee, Florida.