Everything Property Managers Should Know About Parking Lot Striping

Everything Property Managers Should Know About Parking Lot Striping

Line striping is a highly critical task that requires extreme precision. It might just appear like a few lines and signs, but line striping is a lot more than that. A property manager in charge of a parking lot needs to pay special attention to the line striping to avoid possible ramifications.

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Why is line striping important?

  • Boost curb appeal – The perfect contrast of the bright yellow or pure white against the black asphalt adds to your parking lot’s beauty, boosting its curb appeal and property value.
  • Allocate space effectively – Without proper boundaries to mark parking spots, there will be randomized parking. Drivers will leave more distance than necessary between cars, resulting in fewer cars taking up more space.
  • Avoid door dings – With clear line striping, drivers might not leave enough space between their car and a neighboring car while parking, which will cause the car door(s) to bang against the adjacent car, resulting in chipped paint and dents.
  • Enhance safety – Line striping also highlights other parking lot features aside from parking spots like crossings, lanes, and exits, so drivers know which direction to go in, where to slow down, and more. This will reduce the likelihood of accidents.
  • Reduce liability – Accidents that occur in the parking lot due to your negligence can result in hefty lawsuits.
  • Curb drivers’ frustrations – Line striping provides clear indications to drivers about which lane to drive in, where there is a crossing, and more. It also indicates where exits are. If there is no line striping, drivers could get lost in large lots, elevating their frustration levels and spoiling their customer’s overall experience.

What are a few things property managers should know about?

  • Restriping in an active parking lot needs to be done every two years, or when the paint visibility is reduced by almost 75%.
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires clear and proper line striping that complies with their guidelines. Failure to comply with their standards could result in potential lawsuits.
  • Arguably, the best kind of paint for restriping a parking lot is set-fast acrylic water-borne; which needs to be applied at a temperature higher than 45° F. While line striping over fresh asphalt or a new seal coat, it is better to water-borne paint; and for a concrete surface, chlorinated rubber paint is ideal.
  • A newly-paved surface will soak up the paint, so apply two thin coats instead of a thick one. A generous amount of acrylic latex paint will damage the surface after the paint film shrinks.
  • For high-quality results, line stripe using an airless striping machine at a minimum wet film thickness of 13 mils.
  • Although the paint’s drying time is around 30 minutes, it is best to close all parking lot traffic for at least an hour to avoid damaging the line striping.

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