Homeowners’ Dos And Don’ts To Protecting Your Concrete Driveway This Winter

Homeowners’ Dos And Don’ts To Protecting Your Concrete Driveway This Winter

Winter in Tampa is very different from the white snowy winters experienced by the rest of the country. The last time Tampa received snow was in 1977, and that too of half a millimeter. Rainfall, however, is abundant, as is sunshine.

Nonetheless, the arrival of winter in Tampa, FL, like in the rest of the US, is a time of preparation for homeowners.

Have you taken any measures yet to protect your concrete driveway? After all, precaution is better than cure. If you want to extend your driveway’s life, then you need to get some work done on it. Click here to get a free estimate from CAM Service.

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Here is how you can protect your concrete this winter…

Homeowner dos for concrete:


Remove debris and leaves before rainfall or frost to avoid buildup. Also, remove any stains and oil spills from your concrete as soon as they turn up. This will keep your concrete healthy and breathable.


If there are any cracks in the concrete, get them filled before winter. This will ensure that your driveway is even and in pristine shape. Also, this way, no water can seep in and expand in cold conditions, resulting in cracks to appear in the concrete. Make sure that the repair work is complete before it is time to paint on the seal coat.


Get sealant coating done on your concrete. Painting on a protective layer will stop the weather elements form wearing down your driveway. Also, since sealant doesn’t allow water to seep into the concrete, rainfall does much harm.

Shoveling (if necessary)

In places that receive frost and snow, it is important to shovel your driveway regularly. If neglected, your driveway may start to crack.

Homeowner don’ts for concrete:

Harsh chemicals

Do not use harsh chemicals for cleaning your driveway. Also, deicers are a big no-no for concrete surfaces. Long term use or application time can damage the surface.


Do not neglect your concrete surfaces. They can last a good couple of years if they are treated with the utmost care. Ignoring repair and maintenance will make you end up with a bigger bill of getting the whole thing repaved. And we aren’t even calculating the amount of damage it will do to your cars and tires.

Heavy equipment

While concrete is sturdy, frequent encounters with heavy equipment or automobiles such as trucks and loaders can damage your driveway. Occasionally supporting heavyweight is not an issue, but regular or long term vehicle pressure can cause the surface to crack.

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