How Project Management Improves The Asphalt Repair Process

How Project Management Improves The Asphalt Repair Process

Project management methodologies are universal and apply to any industry, including the construction industry. When standard project management methodologies are used to execute an asphalt repair project, they help deliver the project on time, within budget, and with a high-quality outcome.

One of the benefits of hiring a professional asphalt paving company like CAM Service & Repairs LLC, providing services in Jacksonville and other parts of Florida, is that they implement project management methodologies and always deliver high quality project results.

Successful execution of an asphalt paving project depends on the proper implementation of the following four stages of construction project management.

Construction Design

Designing is one of the initial phases in the construction project process, where engineers create designs using paving techniques. Project managers identify project objectives, constraints, and specifications before engineers proceed with designing. They use their understanding of the project to create drawings for construction workers that explain the materials required, as well as the dimensions and measurements. Designing has four stages: schematic design, general design, detailed design & bidding documents.


At this stage, project managers identify potential risks before they occur and take steps to mitigate them by addressing them early on during preconstruction. This also allows for any necessary changes in plans or specifications of materials so that time isn’t wasted once construction begins.


Procurement is one of the most important aspects of a construction project. Asphalt paving projects in particular require a significant amount of material purchases and installations. Asphalt repair project supervisors are tasked with ensuring all necessary materials are purchased before beginning project installation work.

Once project materials are purchased, project managers should consider the best way to transport all necessary supplies. A project manager may hire a trucking company or rent a storage unit to store project material between jobs.

Construction Stage

The construction stage of an asphalt project is often overlooked. A common misconception may cause this oversight, i.e., that this stage only involves pouring asphalt material onto a driveway or roadway and then tamping it down with a tamper. Still, there are many more tasks to complete for the project to go smoothly.

Tracking Project Performance

Tracking project performance in asphalt repair projects is vital to its success. Project managers need to monitor performance to meet project goals and deadlines. A project manager can use cloud-based project management software that allows team members from all over the world to collaborate on timestamps, work assignments, resources, etc.

Since asphalt repair projects can be expensive, ensuring that their execution is carried out systematically by implementing the established project management methodologies is critical. For your asphalt repair projects, you should hire experienced contractors who have qualified project managers on their team. CAM Service & Repairs LLC is one such professional asphalt paving company, serving clients in Jacksonville and other cities across Florida.

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