How Sealcoating Helps You Achieve Your Budgetary Needs

How Sealcoating Helps You Achieve Your Budgetary Needs

Let’s face it. No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on the ground, literally speaking.

Sealcoating might feel like another job on your checklist, but in actuality, seal coating is what can help you achieve all your budgetary needs.

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In simple terms, seal coating is a process where a protective coating is applied on asphalt to protect it against elements such as UV rays, water, and oil.

So how does it help meet budgetary needs? See below.

Protects against damage

Weather elements are amongst the top factors that can damage an asphalt surface. Sunlight can aggravate the asphalt aging process, causing it to lose its shine and become brittle with wear.

On the other hand, oils and water left behind due to drainage problems seep inside the asphalt layer to damage the surface from the inside. These liquids weaken the foundation, resulting in the emergence of potholes or huge cracks.

Sealcoating stops penetration and exposure of these elements on the asphalt surface, while still allowing it to breathe. Sealcoating materials are also susceptible to the contractions and expansions if asphalt as a result of temperature changes.

Extends asphalt life

By slowing down the aging process and decreasing the asphalt’s damage, sealcoating ultimately extends its life. Typically, an asphalt surface lasts around 25 years. However, asphalt without proper care loses its initial durability and structural integrity resulting in the asphalt surface, losing a decade or more of its life.

Saves money

Sealcoating allows you to enjoy a good return on your investment, which in this case, is your asphalt surface. This asset can last you decades with proper care and maintenance.

While you might have to spend on sealcoating approximately two years or so after your surface is paved, or whenever the seal coat wears off, yet it is still cheaper than the repairs or repaving you would need if you don’t get your asphalt seal coated.

Sealcoating can bring down the repair cost and help you avoid repaving sooner than you initially thought. It protects the surface against damage to reduce the occurrence of potholes and cracks. Also, it increases the life of the asset.

Since you can save so much with the help of a mere seal coat, you will find no trouble staying well within your budget, which in turn will also contribute to funding your repaving project, once that day finally comes.

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