Is Getting An Asphalt Overlay The Ultimate Solution Or A Big Mistake?

Is Getting An Asphalt Overlay The Ultimate Solution Or A Big Mistake?

Signs of deterioration in your asphalt parking lot or driveway are enough to force you to put your thinking hats on. You must devise a plan to counter the damages immediately; not catering to your pavement’s needs right away can lead to a plethora of problems that you don’t want to deal with.

Asphalt overlay is one way to repair the asphalt surface. This is also one of the first pieces of advice you get from pavement contractors new to the business. If you’re thinking about opting for an asphalt overlay, this blog post will help you determine whether its installation is the right solution or a big mistake!

What is Asphalt Overlay?

In simple terms, an asphalt overlay is an asphalt maintenance procedure involving a new layer of asphalt applied over the existing damaged one. Asphalt overlay is not the first line of defense against cracks and fissures. However, when cracks start expanding, and all measures fail to prevent the pavement from deteriorating further, the professionals at CAM Service & Repairs LLC suggest an asphalt overlay routine.

The process involves cleaning and filling all holes and cracks with a fresh asphalt layer. This transforms your pavement into a brand-new surface. An asphalt overlay fix also extends your pavement’s lifespan, saving you precious dollar bills.

The new asphalt layer is applied directly over the existing asphalt. The thickness of the layer ranges from 1.5 – 2 inches. Before applying a new layer of asphalt, a machine rolls the pavement to an appropriate depth.

The Ultimate Solution or a Big Mistake?

Many contractors suggest asphalt removal as an alternative to an asphalt overlay. The asphalt removal process means removing the existing surface and replacing it with a newer and fresh asphalt surface.

Applying an asphalt overlay may seem like a more convenient solution as compared with the detailed asphalt removal process. Moreover, the process saves you a significant sum as the asphalt removal process is costly. However, whether to use asphalt overlay or removal depends on the extent of surface deterioration. If the damage is not too severe, it can be repaired by asphalt overlay; otherwise, you have no other choice, but to go for complete asphalt removal!

A professional pavement contractor like CAM Service & Repairs LLC will guide you through all the necessary asphalt maintenance measures in St. Petersburg, FL. A detailed look at your surface by our team will reveal the perfect asphalt repair solution for it. So, explore the variety of services we offer and schedule an appointment with our professionals today!