Is It Better For External Floors In Stamped Concrete Or Self-Locking?

Is It Better For External Floors In Stamped Concrete Or Self-Locking?

Like most homeowners, you may also want your property to stand out and appeal to the visitors as they take the first step towards your home. For this, you evaluate various paving types and materials to pick the most suitable one that elevates your property’s aesthetics. And eventually, you stop at concrete!

However, there are multiple concrete types and designs, which make it difficult to decide whether the stamped concrete will be better for your exterior or self-locking concrete?

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Until then, here is a guide to compare the two solutions – stamped concrete or self-locking concrete blocks, and understand which one could be the best for your project!

1. Customization Of The Outdoor Floor

Creating outdoor paving in stamped concrete gives ample space to the creative contribution as it allows infinite combinations of textures, colors, and imaginative decorations. More than 500 color combinations are available, all from basic white to beige colors to antique anthracite and black.

Furthermore, the geometric and natural effects obtained with self-locking floors can also be obtained with stamped concrete. In fact, through special molds for concrete, it is possible to represent slabs in imitation stone, bricks, porphyry, and even the wood effect.

2. Resistance And Stains

Stamped concrete can be used for roads, driveways, ramps, and everything suitable for vehicles. Even the self-locking surfaces are ideal for vehicle load. Still, the former is coated with resin and armor, making them more resistant to wear and abrasion than traditional concrete.

Besides, an outdoor floor made with stamped concrete is stain-resistant and anti-absorption, anti-mold, and anti-dust, meaning that it can be used for parking and garage floors, garden paths, and porches. The resin that covers it protects the surface from UV rays, and the colors do not change over time. Also, with the necessary treatments, it can resist hot but also frigid climates too.

3. Laying The Printed Floor And The Self-Locking Floor

Creating a stamped floor is a quicker but more complicated process than making a self-locking floor with concrete tiles.

On the other hand, making the self-locking floor is much simpler, even though it is more tiring and longer.

4. Hide The Floor Joints

One of the added values ​​of stamped concrete is its monolithic composition. Being created by a single concrete cast and not by laying stones as for the self-blocking floor, it forms a single indivisible block of concrete that prevents the growth of grass between the tiles but, above all, prevents the passage of water that could ruin the concrete structure.

Furthermore, the tiles will never be detached because it is a single and continuous surface. However, like all concrete floors, they must be cut to create expansion joints, but the surprising thing is that the joints can be covered and hidden with customizable decorations and designs.

5. Maintenance

The self-locking floor is exceptionally advantageous if work is carried out in the area below the pavement. It is sufficient to lift and then rest the stones according to the same procedure used in the construction, obviously preparing the base again and applying the various technical measures.

However, unlike the stamped floor, the self-locking is very sensitive to thermal changes, to the problem of unsightly weeds, and above all, to sagging. Therefore, maintenance may be required according to the various conditions.

The printed floor, on the other hand, maintains its aesthetic characteristics for years. It can be cleaned simply with a regular brush or a simple hydro-cleaner using cold water and neutral soap.

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