Is It Time To Get Your Catch Basin Repaired?

Is It Time To Get Your Catch Basin Repaired?

Catch basins are an engineering system designed to sway away drainage water and waste away from the property and into the sewerage system. In extreme rain or flooding, catch basins provide a way out for water from overflowing on the streets. These drainage systems are constructed on the surface underneath the pavement and are connected to underground sewerage pipelines.

Catch basins require proper cleaning and maintenance to provide their functions to the best of their abilities. If garbage, waste, and other material are stuck in the catch basin’s metal rods and not removed in time, it can lead to stagnant water on the street, leading to several health issues. Moreover, if the trash off the road is not cleared off and is sucked into the catch basin, it can also compromise the underground drainage system.

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In today’s blog, we will discuss how to recognize when a catch basin needs repair.

1. Stagnant Water

The primary purpose of a catch basin is to ensure that the streets are free of overflowing water if it rains. So, if, after rain, water is flooding on the road and not passing through the catch basin, then either there is garbage blockage, or the catch basin construction is damaged due to which water doesn’t pass through the basin.

2. Construction Damage

Another sign that a catch basin may require repair is if the asphalt lining inside is not in level with the catch basin’s lid. Harsh winter weather can damage the asphalt foundation in the catch basin, leading to the asphalt collapsing and creating an unlevelled wall, bumps, and cracks in the catch basin lid. This becomes the reason for water and debris getting stuck into the unlevelled ground and blocking the passage. 

3. Damaged Pavement

A catch basin is equipped to handle only an amount of junk and trash the metal lids can catch. If there is excessive dirt or trash stuck in the catch basin, water blockage will not result in overflowing, but stagnant water will damage the surface level of the constructed pavement. Therefore, quick catch basin repair is essential to preserve the pavement’s performance.  

4. Foul Odor

If there is an unpleasant smell around the pavement outside your property, then it is likely that the catch basin has garbage stuck in it, causing water blockage and creating a foul odor for passers-by. 

It may look like an exhausting task to maintain a catch basin but block up, or water overflowing can damage the drainage system and the pavement. So, waste no time and connect with us at the CAM Services for catch basin repair in Kissimmee, FL. Click here for a free estimate today.