Is Your Parking Lot In Compliance With ADA?

Is Your Parking Lot In Compliance With ADA?

If you are planning to get a parking lot constructed in Dayton Beach, then hire experts who have knowledge of ADA compliance guidelines like CAM Service. Otherwise, you might have a hefty lawsuit on your hands. To avoid that, click here to get a free estimate.

As a property manager or owner, ADA compliance might not be at the front of your mind with everything you have to oversee. However, with the right paving company, you won’t have to worry if your parking lot is in compliance or not.

Well then. The first thing you need to know as a prospective parking lot owner about ADA is that it stands for the ‘Americans with Disabilities Act’

It was created to provide equal opportunities and access to people with disabilities. The idea behind this was to make public places more disability-friendly, which at one point in time weren’t.

And the reason why ADA compliance is so critical is that if you don’t abide by its guidelines, you might become subject to fines and maybe a possible lawsuit or two.

So instead of making changes later on and paying hefty construction costs, the best idea is to check if your parking lot plans are ADA compliant before construction commences.

You can have a certified inspector peer over your blueprints to check for ADA compliance, or you can do it yourself.

Below are seven ADA compliance guidelines for parking lots that you need to check.

1. Check if you have enough accessible parking spots. You need to follow the proper ratio of accessible stalls to the total number of parking spaces in the lot.

2. Make sure that the accessible stalls are of the proper dimensions.

3. You need to ensure that there are sufficient accessible spaces near the entrance to reduce the distance that disable people have to cover from their car to the building and back.

4. All accessible spots need to be identifiable. This way, all drivers will know which ones are reserved for ADA parking, and which ones are regular spots. You can paint additional markings in the appropriate color and put up signs to make it hard to miss.

5. Construct sloped areas and proper ramps at accessible entrances, keeping safety in mind.

6. Make sure that the access aisles are on the accessible route leading to the available entrance. There shouldn’t be hindrances.

7. Construct truncated domes on surfaces where you need to warn drivers of grade changes or pathway hazards.

Aside from the ADA, it would also be great if you could check compliance with USAB regulation and a copy of your city or county’s regulations. That way, you can make sure that all your properties and facilities meet the public’s expectations and provide an accessible and enjoyable experience to all who visit.

To get your Dayton Beach parking lot constructed as per the ADA guidelines, click here to get a free estimate from CAM Service.