Maintenance Of Asphalt Pavements

Maintenance Of Asphalt Pavements

Taking preventive measures in asphalt maintenance can assist in extending the pavement’s life. A detailed pavement maintenance plan makes it easier for you to manage costs as the pavement does not need consistent repair.

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However, as a property owner, you should take it upon yourself to look after your asphalt pavement regardless of the maintenance services available. While it is impossible to fight nature and the damages it cost, the preventive measures can restrict it to some extent.

Read this blog to find out steps you can take to prevent damages. Following are the three forms of asphalt maintenance that you can follow.

1. Emergency Maintenance

This form of maintenance is urgently required, especially for safety reasons. The occurrence of a deep pothole or a blowout that needs immediate repair for safety reasons requires emergency maintenance. These damages can end up hurting the flow of traffic in a parking lot or a roadway, which is why you need to resolve them immediately.

Emergency maintenance is also considered as a temporary treatment procedure. The quick design aims to hold the surface together until it permanent repair can be made.

2. Preventive Maintenance

Preventive measures are the easiest way to extend pavement life. The preventative strategy is a method of surface treatment when the asphalt is relatively new and in good condition. Sealcoating and crack sealing are all measures carried out in preventive maintenance. The idea of this maintenance strategy is to resolve minor issues before they become unmanageable.

3. Corrective Maintenance

As the name suggests, corrective maintenance is performed when the pavement needs repair. This is easily the costliest form of care. Repairs could require structural maintenance or look after minor pothole repair or damages as far-fetched as extensive cracking. The corrective form of maintenance is also called reactive maintenance.

Now that you are aware of the forms of asphalt maintenance find out measures to prevent this from happening.

  • Repair Cracks and Holes

Never ignore the warning signs. Emerging holes and cracks in the pavement indicate something sinister. Leaving them unattended means that water and other forms of debris can seep inside. The water seeping inside ends up damaging the layers that lie below the asphalt top surface.

  • Clean the Pavement

Remember to clean your pavement to extend the lifespan of the asphalt laid there. Contaminants and dirt can degrade the asphalt lifespan; otherwise, mold and vegetation start growing in the cracks. The mold that seeps into the driveway can widen the surface’s cracks and add to the existing damage.

  • Spot the Warning Signs

Regular inspection and due diligence is the key to asphalt maintenance. Preventive maintenance reduces the cost of repair while extending the lifespan of the pavement.

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