ADA Parking Compliance

At CAM Services, we will help your business comply with ADA (American with Disabilities Act of 1990) by building accessible parking lots.

We will start by evaluating your property for any architectural deficiencies that are not in compliance with the ADA; Or anything that could impede access to the property for individuals with physical disabilities.

We will evaluate:

  • Number of accessible parking spaces
  • Placement of accessible spaces
  • Curb ramps
  • Technical requirements of accessible spaces
  • Width
  • Access aisles
  • Ground surfaces
  • Vertical clearance
  • Signage

As asphalt and paving contractors, CAM services can execute even the most sophisticated outdoor remodels to keep you in compliance with ADA regulations. Our professionals can develop comprehensive, turn-key solutions to meet the ADA accessibility requirements of any property.

These include installing curbs and sidewalks on your parking lot to direct the foot traffic on your premises. We can also create concrete ramps to make your commercial building accessible to customers with disabilities.

Of course, ADA compliance is more than just installing ramps on your parking lot. With ever-changing guidelines, you need trusted experts like CAM Services to help you stay on the right side. 

Contact us right away to become (and stay) ADA compliant.