Catch Basin Repair & Drainage

Catch basins are typically made with a steel frame, a concrete cone, riser rings, a reducer top, and a grate. Over time, the asphalt shrinks away from the steel frame, allowing water to invade the open area. When this happens, even the smallest amount of water can find its way to the catch basin and damage the surrounding spaces.

Damaged catch basins put your property and pavement surface at risk of more considerable water damage during rain and snow.

Let our experts solve your catch basin problems.

First, we will inspect your entire area to determine the extent of the current damage and warning signs for future damage.

We may also need to elevate the existing grate to access the interior of the concrete’s casting.  At this time, we will take videos and pictures for documentation.

If repairs are required, we will begin by cutting 1-2 feet from the frame, and then extract the asphalt to the appropriate level. Depending on the situation, we will either remove the frame or leave the bricks in place. We will then install brand new blocks for elevation and apply new mortar to stop the water flow.