Crack Sealing

When there is minor to medium damage on your asphalt, crack sealing is an extremely economical way to maintain your surfaces and extend its life.

But you can only reap these benefits with the proper application of sealants. Many people go with patching as a quick fix, but it will not last long.

That is why sealing cracks is necessary. Cracks allow water to penetrate the surface, softening the base and leading to potholes and other forms of damage.

Why Hire Us

You should only hire an expert and experienced asphalt contractor to evaluate, plan, and execute crack repairs. And you can always trust CAM Services for all your asphalt repair needs.

Our Process

We start by evaluating the overall condition of the asphalt pavement. The nature of the crack will also be inspected, and we will check whether it has stopped expanding or is still growing. We also consider weather conditions, including moisture, humidity, and temperature.

This initial evaluation helps us determine the exact procedure and materials used to seal the cracks. Next, we will perform a clean and dry procedure to remove the moisture thoroughly. This is necessary to ensure the proper adhesion of the crack sealing material.