Should Your Parking Lot Be Repaved This Year?

Should Your Parking Lot Be Repaved This Year?

It’s that time of year again! Time to start planning for your commercial parking lot repaving project in Jacksonville, FL. Should you go ahead with it this year? Let’s dive into the top five factors to help you decide. 

1. Current Condition of Your Parking Lot

The current condition of your parking lot is the most critical factor. For example, if you have a relatively new commercial paving in Jacksonville, then it probably does not need to be replaced this year.

However, if your parking lot is nearing the end of its lifespan (say about 20 years), it needs to be repaved immediately. 

2. Safety of Your Employees & Customers

Safety is number two on our list. If you have a parking lot with curbs or raised lines, those items need to be replaced every so often, too – especially if they’re made of asphalt.

In addition, if the surface and concrete base is old and cracked from years of use, it’s high time you get it fixed before someone falls and gets injured. The cause could be hydrostatic pressure or water seepage underneath the surface.

3. Cracked or Damaged Parking Lot Panels

Without a proper lot maintenance plan, your parking lot is very likely to deteriorate over time. The exposure to external elements compromises the parking lot’s integrity. This not only damages your brand’s image but also causes inconveniences to your employees and visitors.

Therefore, make sure to stay vigilant for cracks and parking lot damages. Also, if you identify any, repair them immediately to prevent any accidents or injuries.

4. Repaving Budget

Of course, repaving the parking lot is a significant expense for which you need sufficient funds.

If you have already spent most of the money in your paving budget for this year, then it would be wiser to postpone any further repairing work until next year when more funds are available. However, if you still have some leftovers, then now is an excellent time to repave.

5. Weather Conditions

The weather in Jacksonville is quite unpredictable. It can be foggy one day and sunny the next, or there could be a sudden rainstorm. So, it’s better to schedule your repaving project in the winter when it’s colder; you’re more likely to get a dry day.

Whereas if you wait until summertime, there is a greater chance of rain interrupting your project. Please note that the external factors have a significant effect on the results of your repaving project.

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