The Remedial Costs Of Parking Lot ADA Violations

The Remedial Costs Of Parking Lot ADA Violations

All eyes on you, property owner! You may be unaware, but if your parking lot doesn’t comply with ADA requirements, you could be looking at some expensive remedial costs. Don’t be that business owner who gets slapped with a big remedial bill for failing to comply with ADA parking lot requirements.

Parking lots can be hazardous for those with disabilities. With all of the potholes and unmarked obstacles, it’s easy to see how a wheelchair or cane could easily get tangled up. These hazards can also create severe ADA compliance issues. In this blog post by CAM Service and Repairs LLC, we’ll take a look at some of the remedial costs associated with parking lot ADA violations. So if you’re responsible for maintaining a property in Jacksonville, FL, make sure you read on!

1) Not Enough Accessible Parking Spaces

ADA compliant parking spaces are required for every building or facility that provides goods or services to the public.

If there’s insufficient room to provide these accessible parking spots, you must take steps to organize incoming traffic better. You can provide a valet option where customers can drop their car off before heading into the business and pick it up once done. If that’s not possible, then you’ll need to carve out more space to meet ADA requirements! The latter can be costly.

2) Non-Compliant Entrance Ramps

One of the most common violations is non-compliant entrance ramps. Businesses often make the mistake of not including a ramp at all, or they’ll slope it too steeply, which makes it difficult for wheelchair users to navigate. Sometimes these curb ramps don’t have handrails or grooved borders.

3) Inaccessible Routes to and from the Parking Lot

Property owners are required to provide disabled individuals with direct, practical, and accessible routes to all entrances. This includes parking lots, which must be appropriately marked with signage and access to reasonably wide aisles.

You can’t take public transit to get there? No problem! The ADA requires businesses to make accommodations for disabled individuals who wish to use their vehicles in addition to providing ample accessible parking spaces. These include installing ramps onto sidewalks or cutting through grassy areas, so the pavement meets with sidewalks near entrances. Businesses should also provide adequate loading zones and van-accessible spots close by.

Non-compliant parking lots can face hefty fines, so it’s essential to be aware of what is and isn’t allowed. The good news is that there are ways to remediate the soil and restore a flat, level surface for ADA-compliant parking lot construction.

CAM Service and Repairs LLC is an asphalt pavement contractor in Jacksonville, FL, that can help you get the ADA-compliant parking lot you’re looking for. We offer quality services and long-lasting results at an affordable rate, helping residential and commercial clients safeguard their asphalt investments. Get a free estimate from our team now!