The Science Behind ADA Compliance

The Science Behind ADA Compliance

If you own a parking lot or want to get one constructed, you should make sure that it complies with ADA. Trust us. It’s in your best interest to tick all your boxes in that regard.

One slip up and you will land in hot waters, figuratively speaking.

If you are unaware of what ADA is, you must be wondering why we are putting so much emphasis on it. Well, then it’s time you that you become aware of this legality.

What is the ADA?

ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act. It was signed into the law by President Bush in 1990.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was instituted to extend people with disabilities the same rights that we enjoy and protect them from discrimination.

The majority of the population that doesn’t suffer from any disability does not take into account hard life already is for others.

We think it’s unfair that we can’t park in an accessibility spot if it’s the only empty one in the lot. People with disabilities have it much harder. They are allowed to enjoy the same everyday things we do. Why should they be held behind?

The ADA protects the right of the disabled in three main areas.

  • Employment
  • Government services
  • Public accommodations
  • Commercial facilities
  • Transportation

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Why should your lot be ADA compliant?

A parking lot is a commercial space, so by law, you are required to design your lot in a way that it is ADA compliant.

There are three main reasons you need to ensure ADA compliance.

  • It’s the law. Duh. If you don’t meet the legal requirements, you can incur hefty fines and even get shut down.
  • People can drag you to court. And you probably don’t want a lawsuit against you, which, by the way, probably would end you up losing since all these guidelines are there in print and online.
  • It’s the right thing to do.

How can you ensure ADA compliance?

There are several instructions that you need to follow, some of which we are mentioning here. As per the ADA guidelines, you need to follow a proper ratio of accessibility spaces to the total number of parking spots.

Many of these disability parking spots need to be situated near the entrance. You also need to integrate ramps, inclines, accessibility entrances, and accessibility lanes into your parking lot plans.

Before you start construction work on your parking lot, it is best to get your blueprints looked over by an expert. You can check it yourself too, but having an inspector do it will be better.

If your lot is already up and running, but you are unsure whether it meets all the ADA requirements, or if there were amendments made in the act after construction, then get an inspection done. It’s better to get a problem fixed before it causes any trouble for you.

Another thing you need to do is hire a paving company that is well-aware of ADA compliance and guidelines. Not acquiring the right people’s services can result in slips ups and problems, which will cause both delays and extra funds.

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