The Severe Effects Of Poor Drainage

The Severe Effects Of Poor Drainage

Drainage is an essential part of any building, but poor drainage can lead to severe consequences. Drainage systems are designed to remove excess water from the structure and return it to the ground or surface water system. Poor drainage can cause problems with mold, mildew, pests like rodents and insects, and structural damage, resulting in higher repair costs for your home or business.

This blog post discusses poor drainage in detail, including its effects on homes and businesses.

Poor Drainage and Homes

Poor drainage is a significant problem for many homeowners, and it can also be costly. Drainage carries away water from rain or melting snow to prevent flooding, and poor drainage often leads to clogged sewers which are expensive to repair. Poor drainage can also lead to poor air quality as the excess water stagnates in an area for long periods.

Poor drainage in homes can lead to a weak foundation as well as water seepages throughout the home which are ideal conditions for mold and mildew formation. This can lead to several health problems and can be especially devastating for people suffering from asthma.

Drainage is essential for healthy landscapes and gardens. Poor drainage causes poor root growth, poor soil structure, poor air circulation, and poor water movement. It can lead to many grave effects, for e.g., inferior soil structure due to poor drainage leads to poor water movement, resulting in slower growth of roots and seeds, impacting the seeds’ ability to gain enough nutrients for proper growth.

Poor Drainage and Businesses

Poor drainage is one of the most overlooked problems in construction. It can have severe effects on a building’s foundation, including poor waterproofing and poor indoor air quality. Do not let poor drainage be an issue for you.

1) Week Structure

A poor foundation will not be able to support the weight of your building. It can result in cracks forming on walls, ceilings, and floors. That will only worsen your poor drainage issues because now you will have leaks to deal with as well.

2) Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor drainage can cause poor indoor air quality. Water in the foundation or surrounding soil has the potential to seep into your building and affect how you breathe. This is because it allows mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants to grow, entering an individual’s lungs when inhaling.

3) Increased Susceptibility to Disease

You are more likely to get sick when poor drainage affects the air quality in your building. Water infiltration (through poor drainage) can cause mold growth, which is detrimental for people suffering from asthma and allergies, making them even more susceptible to illnesses.

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