Why Is Asphalt Deliberately Engineered To Be Smooth?

Why Is Asphalt Deliberately Engineered To Be Smooth?

Asphalt pavement is composed of seemingly rugged materials like gravel, crushed stone, sand, cement, and bitumen binders. But don’t let its rough composition fool you into thinking it’s untamable. Asphalt takes quite the precision & experience to be paved into a smooth and durable surface.

Any design faults during the site preparation and asphalt mixing can make and break your project. CAM Service & Repairs LLC is your local & reliable paving contractor, to get the job done to a T.

That said, we’re going to take you through a brief list of why engineering smooth asphalt is too good a deal to miss!

  1. Smooth asphalt pavement enhances surface area in contact with the tire treads. This provides more traction and driving control to ensure safety.
  1. The smoother your asphalt is, the longer its service life is. Smooth surfaces provide less frictional destruction, protecting the surface from eroding faster.
  1. Rough roads can affect the life of your vehicles too. Lose rocks from raveling or loose gravel can damage the underbody or fly onto the paint job. Smooth pavement not only ensures the integrity of your vehicle but gives savings on mileage as well.
  1. Smooth asphalt lasts longer in contrast to rough asphalt. With consideration to appropriate macro and micro texturing, smooth pavement can last 10-25% longer on service.
  1. Smooth roads protect your vehicles from damage and repair costs. Bad roads can harm your tires, suspension, shocks, and electromechanical parts.
  1. Smooth asphalt has the added benefit of visual appeal and boosts property value in neighborhoods & HOAs.
  1. Since asphalt is smooth, it requires less maintenance, and if you have a mind to have us over for a paving job, we assure you that stretch will last 10-15 years with minimal annual maintenance, repairs, and some routine milling & overlay if ever the need arises.
  1. Despite RAP being the noise reduction solution in highway construction, smooth conventional asphalt surfaces also display the same property in upscale suburban neighborhoods. This makes deliberate smoothening ideal in commercial & public areas like schools, colleges, markets & hospitals.
  1. If you are worried that smooth asphalt equates to reduced skid resistance, that is taken care of by micro surfacing if the need arises. Technically, smoother surfaces enhance road grip, making it ideal for bicyclists, pedestrians, & motorcyclists.
  1. Unlike rigid pavement, the ultimate in smooth surfaces award goes to asphalt. Since the asphalt is installed as a unified layer without joints, the pavement is resilient in the face of pavement failure.

The smoother your asphalt is, the better it is bound to perform, but bad paving is the deal-breaker, and you need to be vigilant with credentials when taking a quote from local paving contractors near you. A well-paved road can positively impact your business and build the safe appeal that the ADA always deems paramount.

CAM Service & Repairs have been long operating in Florida, and we know that being in the tropics affords us a wide paving window despite winters approaching the northern states. It’s really ideal paving time in Daytona Beach, and maybe a smooth asphalt overlay is what your commercial establishment needs to boost the tourist delight along the beach!

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