Why Is My Parking Lot Not ADA Compliant? – Some Common Parking Lot Errors

Why Is My Parking Lot Not ADA Compliant? – Some Common Parking Lot Errors

Business owners and property managers are responsible for providing adequate parking for customers with disabilities. This responsibility falls in a few different ways: the parking lot must be accessible from public streets, it should have designated handicap spaces close to the building entrances and exits, ramps, and should have other features that make maneuvering rugged terrain easier for those with mobility issues.

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This blog post will discuss why your parking lot may not be ADA compliant and some common errors that lead to non-compliance.

1) An Uneven Surface

The path to your entrance and exit should be flat and even. No thresholds, no speed bumps, or anything that would make it difficult for a wheelchair user or other mobility-impaired individual to access the building. An uneven surface also makes it difficult for people to move around the parking lot in a wheelchair. An inconsistent parking lot can result in severe problems for you in the long run; this is why you must take immediate action to level the uneven surface.

2) Improper Curb Ramps

Most businesses build ramps for disabled customers, but sometimes the ramps are not built to specific ADA standards. An unprotected ramp can be a hazard to those with mobility issues. Make sure the ramp provides adequate traction and has safety rails on both sides.

3) Not Enough Space for Handicap Parking

This is another issue that can land you in trouble. Make sure your handicapped parking is clearly marked and well maintained. Do not make the mistake of only allocating a couple of spaces for people with disabilities near the front entrance; you need to have ample spaces so that such individuals can easily find a spot.

4) Improper Line Striping

Your parking lot directions must be visible to all. Ensure that your parking spaces are well marked and the lines in between them are also visible. Unclear parking lot instructions can create a lot of confusion for visiting customers.

How to Avoid Parking Lot Errors?

Hiring a professional pavement company well-versed with the ADA laws in your state can help you counter some of the common problems. A pavement company can also help you avoid common mistakes such as improper line striping, lack of enough ADA-compliant spaces near the entrance and exit points, etc.

These companies use their experience to develop a parking lot that is ADA compliant.

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