Why You Need An Asphalt Repair Maintenance Plan For Your Business

Why You Need An Asphalt Repair Maintenance Plan For Your Business

Property managers often feel like crystal balls: they predict the cost of installation materials in the paving project and keep up with all the construction industry trends to stay at the peak. What they usually miss is the future planning of maintenance and repair forecasts of their asphalt surfaces.

Fortunately, CAM Services manages pavement repairs and can help you anticipate your paving and asphalt/concrete needs for the coming year in Kissimmee, FL. Once we have designed a personalized maintenance plan for your property, business, or industry, planning preventative maintenance is easy.

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Here are three reasons for developing a long-term pavement management plan that will save you time and money.

1. Act Quickly To Prevent Asphalt Problems From Escalating.

Preventive maintenance is the first step in protecting your asphalt surface from future damage. This approach prevents cracks from turning into potholes, or worse, from spreading and damaging the structural integrity of your pavement.

Preventive maintenance includes treatments such as crack sealing using a sealant, which minimizes the rate at which water enters the pavement to reduce expansion and contraction.

So, to avoid the hassle and expense of resurfacing and asphalt replacement, keep track of minor asphalt damage signs from turning into big problems.

2. Limit Liability For Immediate Repairs

Uneven surfaces aren’t just unsightly – they can present a real safety hazard, and your business will be responsible for any damage or injury they cause to your customers/clients.

Therefore, to ensure safety for all, make your property as secure as possible. Here, preventative maintenance helps prevent uneven surfaces and potholes that can endanger drivers and pedestrians. Plus, regular inspection of the surface is also essential to spot irregularities before it’s too late.

Remember, small problems can be fixed immediately with asphalt repair or a quick asphalt patch to avoid traffic disruptions and minimize lost revenue.

3. Increase Your Maintenance Budget With Planning

An annual maintenance plan emphasizing preventative treatment is an economical alternate to reactive asphalt or concrete repair. Not only does it fend off the need for costly and time-consuming structural repairs, but it also minimizes surprises and lets you plan – and budget – for the future.

However, in natural disasters or unexpected downpours, preventative maintenance can help you prepare your pavement for the worst and survive through the harsh weather conditions without any hassle.

Over 50 years of professional experience have made CAM Services an expert in meeting the needs of many types of properties, businesses, and industries in Kissimmee, FL. We love to create a unique and personalized plan for our clients and provide them with practical asphalt and concrete paving solutions.

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