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Company Catering Florida

We Provide Customized Paving Solutions That Cut Down Your Pavement Project’s Cost & Time In Half

Our Services

Asphalt Paving
& Overlays

From asphalt paving to repairs and replacement, CAM Services has got you covered!

Concrete Pavement &
Sidewalk Repair

CAM Services will also help with paving and repairing your concrete surfaces.

Catch Basin Repair
& Drainage

Catch basins are typically made with a steel frame, a concrete cone, riser rings, a reducer top, and a grate.

ADA parking

At CAM Services, we will help your business comply with ADA (American with Disabilities Act of 1990) by building accessible parking lots.

Most Pavement
Projects Cross The
Deadline Due To Lack
Of Proper Planning.
Not With Us.

We Listen To Your Needs To
Construct Beautiful Pavements On
Time, Every Time!

Most Pavement
Projects Cross The
Deadline Due To Lack
Of Proper Planning.
Not With Us.

We Listen To Your Needs To
Construct Beautiful Pavements On
Time, Every Time!

Simplifying Your Pavement Project’s Journey
One Step At A Time


High-quality paving services are achievable without digging a hole in your wallet! We provide project estimates that are perfectly economical while guaranteeing unmatched pavement results.

Zero Project

When you have been handling pavement projects for over 5 years, perfectionism and accuracy become a part of your identity. We are seasoned pavement contractors who get the job done long before the deadline!

Committed To Delivering
Outstanding Results

We stand dedicated to delivering remarkable pavements that are sure to
leave our valued customers satisfied
and smiling.

Diving Into A Pavement Project Is Always
Overwhelming – Especially Without A Professional

CAM Services has completed
more than 1,486 pavement

CAM Services possess over 5 years of contracting and project
consulting experience.

CAM Services is fully licensed and insured. Our services cater to both property owners and facilities managers in Florida.

Getting Started Is Simple!

1. Sign Up For A
Free Quote

Allow one of our contractors to take a look at your site and create an estimate. We offer speedy estimates so
that we can get started in no time.

2. Stamp Your

Once you have received an estimate and
are content with the plan, all you need to
do is approve the contract and watch us
get to work!

3. Watch Your Project’s

Switch on your relaxation mode because your pavement project is in our complete care! We will handle whatever your project needs and present it before you once it’s all done.

Our Clients Love What We do


Rєnαldσ Sάnchєz

CAM has the best customer service and professionalism I have seen from a vendor. Dan is the best and always have a great attitude. Thank you for responding to our questions and concerns


Rachel Slater

I’ve been using CAM Services for years on commercial properties, and they’ve exceeded expectations! I highly recommend this team for any and all asphalt needs. Two thumbs up!

Some Of Our Top Clients

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4 Types Of Pavement
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CAM Services and Repair is all about transparency. We have successfully deployed tablets with mobile applications that allow us to capture accurate on-site measurements to send to our customers. We keep our customers in the loop by constantly updating them with photos, coordinating site maps, and frequent walkthroughs of the project over phone call and emails. So rest assured, you will always be informed of your project’s performance through one of our consultants.

Since we have been in this industry for more than 5 decades, we have managed to cover 8 cities in Florida including; Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Kissimmee, Daytona Beach, Melbourne, ST. Petersburg and Lakeland.

No. Our far-reaching contracting and pavement consulting services covers both small to large-scale contracting projects. So whether you own one property or several, we do it all at CAM