Line Striping

When you are running a business, making the right first impression on your customers is crucial. It is essential to impress your customers from the moment they enter your business property.

And one of the ways to make that killer first impression is having a well-maintained parking area. 

Having a well-marked and maintained parking lot will not only enhance your business image but also improve the safety of your business premises. CAM Services provides high-quality asphalt maintenance services to give your parking lot a clean and professional look.

We offer a full line of line striping and painting services. Our professional pavement striping is the most durable and cost-effective traffic control measure in town.

Our striping services include:

  • Re-striping
  • Custom lettering
  • Indoor striping
  • Custom stenciling
  • Painting of bollards, speed bumps, and car bumpers
  • Removal of any unwanted markings

Our Process

First, we will take accurate measurements so that we know the exact amount of paint to use. By doing so, this helps to avoid wastage.

Next, we will thoroughly clean the surface using gas-powered blowers to remove dirt and debris before painting lines.

And finally, if there are any signs of damage on your parking lot, we might even perform crack sealing or even overlay.